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Social Media Marketing Plan With Facebook - Choosing Your Audience


Every online business owner should create a social media marketing plan. If you wish to choose Facebook as your primary social media tool, in order to promote your campaigns, you will need to establish your ideal audience for your business.
Facebook users have different interests, not everyone is the same. You will get an audience if you don't do some market research, but not everyone in your audience will be interested in your products or services. It's like trying to sell dog treats to all the pet owners but not every pet owner have a dog..
So, what do you need to start a good social media marketing plan? Well, firstly, you will need to identify your brand. What do you offer and what kind of people want your brand? Determine what makes your product or service so special that it will atract buyers. Once you've done that, you can start the second stage of your marketing plan - identifying your ideal audience.

Before you start your marketing plan you will need to analize every information you already have about the demographics of your ideal audience. Such examples include race, location, education, age or gender. If you haven't done that when you started your plan, you can still do it at this point. The gathered information will help you to target another audiences outside of your Facebook existing audience. The targeted audience is known as ideal audience.
The next step in creating your marketing plan is to establish the psychographics of your ideal audience. Often related with audience psyhographics we will find stuff like personality, values, attitudes, interests or hobbies. How do you obtain all these informations? The most common way in gathering psychographics is by surveying your audience. Make it fun for your audience by giving cash prizes or giveaways.
To finish, once you completed all the steps above, you can start searching for users with interests within your ideal audience demographics and psychographics range.
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Social media and marketing - everything you need to know about


Social media and marketing are the best ingredients to create a powerful, successful advertising scheme. The rising of social networks in the past few years rised online marketing in the top. Facebook, nowadays, is the biggest online social network, with over one billllion active profiles. If only we could advertise our services to 1% of the users Amazing, that's ten million potentially customers. WIth Facebook, any small business can be turned into a large-scale oportunity. Today, every major companies or smaller ones, secure a big portion of their profits for online advertising. Because of its massive marketing potential, Facebook is the top pick online marketing area for major sports clubs, all the major motor companies, fast-food industry, huge-franchizes, private corporations, clothing industry and the list goes on and on.
When you use Facebook for marketing your products, you're getting exposure to a large public area, increase sales capability, you get to know the customers and their opinions.This will help you to constantly improve, design and develop your services.

But not everyone logs into Facebook to search new brand products or business ideas, literally most of the Facebook users want to interact with friends and to have lots of fun. Don't be alarmed because this does not mean that no one wants to know about your services. A god tip is to animate your Facebook business with fun activities.
To exemplify, one of the biggest soda companies received a place among Facebook's top pages, when they created a fun campaign where people were required to take a photo of themselves holding a can of soda in certain scenarios.The best-of-the-best were offered attractive prizes, so a lot of people joined.
This is a great idea of focusing people on your products and also encouraging them to have fun at the same time.
This beeing said, if you want your business to grow or even if you want to re-invent your corner shop, your italian restaurant or your car-rental company you should definitely consider joining social media marketing.





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